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Home > Social & Environmental Activities (CSR) > What's New > 2013 > Environmental topics

Environmental topics

Environmental Education Focusing on Recycling in a Primary School (Malaysia)

Students in the lecture on separating garbage

Making food composting using food waste

Malaysia produces about 25,000 ton of waste including food waste from homes and others daily and the amount is expected to reach 30,000 ton by 2020.

S & O Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (SOEM) has noted the fact that only 5% of all waste was recycled while 30 to 50 % was actually recyclable, and started to get involved in the activities of raising awareness of the local people for recycling.

On May 17, SOEM held an environmental teaching event at a local primary school in cooperation with an environmental NPO. The event provided a lecture on global environmental issues such as global warming and depletion of resources. Participants were also educated on 3R (reuse, reduce and recycling) activities. The lecturers gave details on how to separate garbage so that students can incorporate them in their daily lives. They also experienced making food composting in an enjoyable manner.

SOEM is determined to continue working on raising awareness of local people on recycling activities.

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