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Home > Social & Environmental Activities (CSR) > What's New > 2014 > Environmental topics

Environmental topics

Buckwheat Harvest by Utilizing Once Abandoned Farmland(Japan)

Picture taking surrounding the harvested buckwheat

Cultivation of buckwheat was manually conducted as its stem easily gets caught up with machines

Threshed buckwheat has amounted to about 200 kg

In November 2013, the Mie Plant of Sharp Corporation (Taki, Mie) harvested buckwheat it cultivated in cooperation with the local residents. Cultivation of buckwheat started last year in order to revive and preserve farmland in the vicinity of the Mie Plant. Recently, more and more farmland in the area has become abandoned due to graying farmers and crop damage caused by animals.

Buckwheat sowed in August had steadily grown despite of a series of typhoons, and was harvested on November 9, 2013. Approximately 70 participants reaped the buckwheat and gathered about 200 kg of the threshed. The plant plans to hold a harvest festival of soba-making of buckwheat flour from those threshed in the future.

  • * These activities are cooperatively conducted with the local residents and MIE Technology Corporation, a production cooperative company of the Mie Plant. People from the Taki Town office, the Matsuzaka agriculture and forestry office and the Chuo agricultural development and extension center of Mie Prefecture also support the activities.

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