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Home > Social & Environmental Activities (CSR) > What's New > 2014 > Environmental topics

Environmental topics

Sharp Mingling Festival - Mie Plant Donates Sales to Local Facility(Japan)

Successful flea market cooperated by Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. and MIE Technology Corporation

Providing cut timber of Japanese cypresses collected during the maintenance of Sharp Forests in Niu, Taki Town

Selling toilet paper made from used copy paper.
All of the 45 sets went sold out.

On November 23, 2013, Sharp's Mie Plant(Taki Town, Mie Prefecture)held the "2013 Sharp Mingling Festival"by opening part of the plant to the public. On the fine clear autumn day, a lot of people visited and enjoyed the various events.

In the environmental corner, a flea market opened and the toilet paper made from used copy paper from the plant and items provided by the employees were sold. The proceedings were donated to "Kusunoki Sagyosyo (Workshop of camphor tree)," a workshop facility for handicapped people in Taki Town. The event also provided timber from the "Sharp Forests" in Niu, Taki Town which the Mie Plant has been maintaining, and also collected eco-caps.

The Mie Plant is determined to value such a forum of exchanging with the local people in the future.

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