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Home > Social & Environmental Activities (CSR) > What's New > 2014 > Environmental topics

Environmental topics

SEID Introduces a New Air Conditioner With Eco-friendly Technology at Press Conference in Nature (Indonesia)

Press conference introducing a new air conditioner

Air conditioner with R32 technology safer for
the ozone layer

SEID employees plant some rare Indonesian trees

SEID employees release 300 Nila fish and 200 Mujair fish

On November 5, 2014, P.T. Sharp Electronics Indonesia (SEID) held a press conference for introducing its newest air conditioner with eco-friendly technology. It was the first press conference held outdoor with the concept of “Back to Nature.” The event gathered 32 journalists from 29 Japanese and Indonesian media. This new air conditioner is equipped with a new refrigerant (R-32), an organic compound capable of cutting the emission of green house gasses to about one third compared with the conventional products, in addition to being safer for the ozone layer. SEID began marketing the environment-conscious product in December, 2014.

To coincide with the press conference, SEID commemorated the 21st National Love for Flora and Fauna Day 2014, and planted some rare Indonesian trees and released 500 fish back to the nature.

SEID will continue to develop and sell eco-friendly products in the future.

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