The Sharp Code of ConductⅠ. Practice of Fair and Open Management

1. To Practice Legal Compliance, Ethical Business Conduct, and Fair and Impartial Management

  • 1) In our corporate business activities and the performance of our tasks, we will comply with all national and local laws and regulations, and with international rules and internal company rules, and will follow accepted social norms and business ethics, as well as The Sharp Group Charter of Corporate Behavior and The Sharp Code of Conduct, and will take reasonable actions.
    If we become aware of acts that violate any of the above, we will immediately inform our superiors, the responsible department, or the contact liaison designated to receive such reports at each company, of such acts.
  • 2) In our business activities, we will not commit individual acts of making false, misleading, or fraudulent reports, or acts that conflict with the interests of the Sharp Group companies.
    Furthermore, whenever it appears that our individual acts may conflict with the interests of the Sharp Group companies, we will, in advance, confirm with our superiors and the responsible department of each company about the details of what we are working on. We will put the acts in question into practice only when the company confirms that there will be no conflict.
  • 3) We will comply with all national and local laws, regulations, and standards related to accounting, and will conduct all applicable accounting processing and accounting reporting in accordance with the fair accounting principle.
  • 4) We will work to be cooperative in the maintenance of social order, and will not engage in antisocial activity. In the event we receive any communication from antisocial forces or organizations, we will immediately inform our superiors or persons in charge within each company.
    If antisocial forces or organizations demand that we carry out unjustifiable and/or illegal requests or transactions, we will deal with them in a resolute manner.
  • 5) We will develop and follow a risk management system, allowing us to understand the risks related to each of our own tasks from the standpoint of business environment, finance, law, human resources, labor management, business operations, the natural environment, ethics, and other factors, and will carry out these tasks in compliance with internal company rules and standards. We will work to take proactive measures to prevent these risks from becoming problematic.

2. To Prevent Corruption in all its forms

  • 1) At home or abroad, we will not entertain public officials (and the like), customers, or business partners, nor will we give them money or goods directly or indirectly, or provide any other economic benefits, or make such proposals and promises to them, as such activities are prohibited by applicable laws and regulations in each country and region. Nor will we extort and accept them.
  • 2) We will not provide any money, goods, or entertainment beyond socially acceptable courtesies in each country and region even if they are in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Nor will we accept them.

3. To Handle Contributions, Gifts and Political Donations Fairly and Appropriately

  • 1) Regarding contributions and gifts, we will handle them with transparency and rationality and observe applicable laws and regulations, as well as relevant internal company rules, in order to ensure that they do not fall under the category of provision of illicit profit or improper payments.
  • 2) Regarding political donations, we will observe all applicable laws and regulations and we will ensure transparency and proceed in strict conformance with internal company rules when making such donations in line with the company policy to build a healthy and responsible relationship with politics and government.

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