The Sharp Code of ConductⅡ. Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction

1. To Create and Supply Innovative, Original Products and Services that Meet Every Need of our Customers

  • 1) We will constantly work to conduct proper research, surveys and studies on the needs of our customers.
  • 2) We understand that innovative, original products and services are those that impress customers and that have value from the perspective of saving resources and conserving the environment. We will work to develop business models and key technologies that will form the core of such products and services.

2. To Ensure the Safety, Quality and Reliability of Products and Services

  • 1) In each country and region where we do business, we will observe all safety laws and regulations, and safety standards applicable to products and services, as well as internal company rules.
  • 2) Always being conscious of "Quality First in Heart and Mind," we will make safety and quality our first priority. Therefore we will always strive to conduct ourselves in the following ways:
    • ・ Take all possible measures to maintain and assure product safety and quality.
    • ・ Pursue our commitment to safety at every step of research and development, procurement, production, distribution, and after-sales service.
    • ・ Make our utmost efforts to prevent the occurrence of accidents and problems by providing clear, easy-to-understand instruction manuals, and ensuring that products bear effective labeling for proper and safe use.
  • 3) We will always evaluate the safety, quality, and reliability of products and services from the customer's point of view. Should a product or service distributed or provided by the Sharp Group companies have caused damage or injury to the life, person, or property of a customer, or if there is a risk of the same, or in the event that a product quality issue has arisen that negatively affects the reputation of the company, we will immediately notify our superiors and promptly take appropriate measures in accordance with internal company rules.

3. To Gain the Trust of Customers and Ensure Their Satisfaction

  • 1) We will conduct sincere and good-faith sales operations and service operations, taking into account the social conventions of each country and region.
  • 2) We will actively and in an easy-to-understand way, provide customers with accurate information related to the functions and features of our products and services, as well as information on correct usage and precautions for their safe use, environmental attributes, maintenance, storage and the economic, environmental and social impact.
  • 3) In order to deliver ultimate satisfaction to our customers, we will fully take into consideration the viewpoint of our customers and will handle inquiries and complaints from them in a kind, courteous manner, in accordance with internal company rules and guidelines. In addition, we will strive to act in a manner that meets or exceeds our customers' expectations by responding in good faith.
    We will also provide appropriate feedback on major complaints to the relevant departments in order to prevent a recurrence of similar problems.
  • 4) In order to take full advantage of the opinions and expressed needs of our customers, which we regard as basic information necessary to conduct our business activities, we will promptly communicate such feedback in the form of concrete proposals for improvement to the relevant departments, including development and engineering, product/service planning, and quality control departments in accordance with internal company rules and guidelines.

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