The Sharp Code of ConductⅦ. Creating a Safe, Fair, Motivating Work Environment

  • 1) We will actively make efforts to create a safety-first workplace environment and to manage proper working time and the like by placing maximum priority on human life, and by complying with global standards, the laws and regulations and internal company rules relating to work conditions and occupational health and safety. In addition, we will proactively take part in measures related to disaster prevention and appropriate emergency responses, to secure the peace and safety of employees and the local community.
  • 2) Based on a policy of "Healthy Employees Support Healthy Business," we will actively take part in efforts to enhance and maintain our health including that of our families.
  • 3) We will actively take part in efforts to enhance the work environment where employees with diverse characteristics, such as challenged, elderly, female, and foreign national and the like, can fully demonstrate their abilities.
  • 4) In order to achieve a healthy work-life balance, we will guarantee statutory public holidays. In addition to this, we will also actively implement measures that raise both corporate productivity and employees' job satisfaction levels by improving a working environment in which employees can work flexibly, such as various holiday system and the like.
  • 5) We will respect the personality and individuality of each employee, in order to foster a workplace atmosphere that emphasizes individual initiative and creativity, and to enable all employees to fully demonstrate their skills and abilities and to achieve our business objectives.
  • 6) We will continuously work to raise our business skills and abilities through measures such as active implementation of various training programs and human resource development systems.
  • 7) We will not slander or libel a company or person, nor will we engage in speech or behavior that could be mistaken for slander or libel.
  • 8) As an employee working for a corporation, we will apply common sense, and will work to improve ethical standards and good manners.
  • 9) We will work to make our business operations more streamlined and efficient, and will positively and boldly take on the challenge of new business objectives.
  • 10) We will properly manage all types of company assets (tangible and intangible assets, including information, products, equipment, tools, consumables, intellectual property, and brands) in accordance with internal company rules, and will not misuse or make improper use of them (such as diverting to personal use or allowing unauthorized use for a third party), while employed and even after employment ceases.

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