The Sharp Code of ConductⅧ. Harmony with the Community

  • 1) When engaged in international business, not only will we comply with international rules, local laws, and regulations, but we will also work to contribute to building a relationship of mutual cooperation and trust with local communities, local businesses, relevant authorities, and other organizations. In addition, we will work to understand the social conditions of each country and region. By conducting business operations giving full consideration to local traditional cultures and customs, we will also strive to participate in contributing to the local community.
  • 2) We will actively work to cooperate in social contribution programs, including those in the fields of the environment, education, and social welfare.
  • 3) We will actively work to contribute to the local community through participation in, donation to, and support for or co-sponsoring of community events.
  • 4) In addition, we will work to take an active part in volunteer activities and raise our awareness about the benefits of and opportunities in social contribution programs.

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