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Superhuman Sniffer Dog vs. Plasmacluster Ions


We put Plasmacluster technology up against a police dog with a superhuman sense of smell.

Total : 2:57

Durian vs. Plasmacluster Ions


Do Plasmacluster Ions have the power to deodorize the overpowering smell of durian, the "king of fruits"?

Total : 3:29

Stink Bugs KO'd by Their Own Fumes?


We tested the idea that several stink bugs put together in a box would stink each other out.

Total : 2:49

World No. 2 vs. Plasmacluster Ions


Can Plasmacluster Ions overcome the world's second most stinky odor? And what's with the alpaca?

Total : 03:24

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