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Global Basic Policy on Personal Data Protection

To ensure the safe and appropriate management and use of personal data obtained from Customers (defined below) in the course of business activity (hereinafter "Personal Data"), the Sharp Group* (hereinafter "SHARP") stipulates a Global Basic Policy on Personal Data Protection as below, striving at all times to maintain the security of Personal Data.

1. SHARP recognizes that it is a corporate social responsibility to handle Personal Data properly and respects all rights for Personal Data of customers, consumers, business partners and employees etc. (hereinafter "Customers"). SHARP strictly observes the laws related to the protection of personal information, guidelines established by the government, other regulations and contractual obligations.

2. SHARP has established a management framework to protect Personal Data assigning a person in charge at each of its relevant divisions. SHARP will take appropriate measures to protect Personal Data and thereby establish information security measures commensurate with the importance of the Personal Data in order to protect it from the leakage, tampering, loss, external penetration of information systems, or other damage.

3. SHARP provides education and training for personal data security to all directors, officers and employees on a regular basis to maintain effective management framework of personal data protection.

4. SHARP collects Personal Data only for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes which are clearly communicated to Customers. SHARP utilizes Personal Data only for such purposes and takes measures not to be used for any other purposes which are not stated. SHARP does not disclose or provide Personal Data provided by Customers to third parties except with the consent of Customers or when there is a legitimate reason.

5. SHARP does not collect sensitive information of Customers defined under the applicable laws and regulations in each region without the consent of Customers, except as permitted under the relevant laws.

6. While maintaining the accuracy of Personal Data and keeping it up-to-date, SHARP strives to prevent unauthorized access to Personal Data or the leakage, tampering, loss, or damage of Personal Data and continually enhances and remediates issues with information security management.

7. SHARP responds to enquiries from Customers concerning Personal Data or requests from Customers for disclosure of Personal Data sincerely and without delay.

* The Sharp Group is comprised of Sharp Corporation, its subsidiaries, and other affiliated companies in which Sharp Corporation holds a controlling interest.

Established: May 25th 2018

Chief Information Officer
Sharp Corporation

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