Small but Mighty—A4 Colour MFP
Boasts A3 MFP Performance
and Handy Wireless Connectivity

Despite its stylishly streamlined appearance, the MX-C301W is an A4 powerhouse of functionality. Built for quality performance and four-in-one efficiency, the MX-C301W is packed with the same advanced features usually reserved for larger A3 MFPs. That's what makes it the ideal workflow enhancer for businesses of any type and size. In fact, this versatile solution works equally well in large offices as part of a network of A3/A4 MFPs and in smaller offices as the solo document performer.

Built-In Wireless Connections

The MX-C301W offers ultra-handy wireless access via two easy modes: infrastructure mode and access point mode. These two modes enable the MFP to accommodate various user-environment factors, such as installation location and the type of LAN available.

Infrastructure mode wirelessly connects the MFP to notebook PCs and other mobile devices via a commercially available wireless LAN router. This ensures convenient access to the MFP even from places where wired LAN is not available.

Access point mode wirelessly connects a LAN-wired MFP to notebook PCs and other mobile devices without going through a wireless LAN router. The MFP can be accessed via both a wired connection and a wireless connection.

Note: External networks cannot be accessed via the MFP. Up to five mobile devices can be wirelessly connected to the MFP at the same time.

Sharpdesk Mobile—Keeping Pace with the Way You Work

Sharpdesk Mobile is a mobile print/scan application that combines the convenience of mobile devices and the efficiency of Sharp MFPs to make conducting business on the go easier than ever. Documents scanned on a Sharp MFP can be sent to a mobile device to preview and save. Documents saved on a mobile device can be printed out on the MFP, sent as e-mail attachments, or used in other applications.

Note: Availability varies by country/region. For details, see the Sharpdesk Mobile support Web site.

User-Friendly Design

The MX-C301W is equipped with a 7.0-inch WVGA touchscreen colour LCD that provides easy navigation of MFP functions and settings. The LCD also shows thumbnail displays and data file previews, raising the bar on user friendliness.

The control panel can be tilted for easy viewing, even from a wheelchair. The tilt angle can be set anywhere from 13.5 degrees to 63.5 degrees.

Displaying thumbnails and up-close previews of Document Filing data files along with file names on the MX-C301W's LCD makes searching for files easy and convenient. It can also prevent errors by allowing users to confirm scan settings and other such items before copying, scanning, or saving documents to the MFP's hard disk. Thumbnails and previews of incoming faxes and Internet faxes can also be displayed on the LCD to help users decide which documents to print out or forward to others.



Easy, High-Quality Copying

The MX-C301W comes standard with Auto Colour Mode to deliver high-quality automated copying. This function allows the MFP to make clear, easy-to-read copies from documents that contain not only text but also photos and maps. Here's how it works: Auto Colour Selection automatically determines whether a page is colour or B/W. The contents of each page are then analysed to distinguish between different components, such as photos and text, and the appropriate copy mode for that page is selected. Finally, Background Suppression automatically removes unnecessary background colour for clearer output.

Other Key Features