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Essential Elements of Mobile Presentation
4500-Hour Longer Lamp Life

Employing Low Power Shutdown (LPS) and a newly designed lamp with reduced impurity in materials and increased purity achieves a long lamp life of 4500 hours in Eco Mode (3000 hours in Standard Mode). The lamp can provide superior performance for as long as 4 years and 3 months when used 4 hours per day, 5 days a week.
Long-Life Lamp: Reduction in glass transparency caused by impurity in lamp materials combined with inferiority of electrodes together decrease lamp brightness. This is the main reason lamp life is restricted. In the PG-A20X, impurity of lamp materials is reduced, increasing lamp life.

LPS (Low Power Shutdown): This technology reduces damage to the lamp electrodes by maintaining low power mode when the lamp is turned off.
When switching into the low power mode, the glass cools more quickly than the electrodes and prevents excess enclosure material from adhering to the electrodes, which causes resistance when turning the lamp on. The result is improved lighting the next time the lamp is turned on and preventing high-voltage being applied to the electrodes when the lamp is off.

Lamp Life: This is the average time for the lamp’s luminance to decrease to half and is not a guarantee of time.
2000/1600 ANSI Lumen Brightness

Incorporating Sharp optoelectronics technology, the PG-A20X provides 2000 ANSI lumen brightness even from a compact body in Standard mode. Plus, 1600 ANSI lumen can be set in Eco mode according to room lighting conditions and presentation purposes.
Compact-to-Carry File-Size Body

PG-A20X boasts a compact, file-size design (29.7 x 8.1 x 22.9 cm) with a lightweight body (2.9 kg), accompanying you with your PC to provide presentations anywhere.

Smooth Presentations Even for Beginners
Intuitive Layout of Buttons and Terminal Layout

For intuitive button layout, essential and frequently used buttons for basic operations, setup and image adjustment are located close together. This layout allows simple setup and operation for anybody. And, a wide variety of AV/PC terminals are effectively placed with colour guidance.
Page Up/Down Buttons on Remote Control

With the optional remote receiver AN-MR1EL, screens displaying presentation software such as PowerPoint® can be easily moved forward and back by remote control.

Quick Guide

Any person first using the PG-A20X can quickly set up and use it with just a quick glance at the reference sticker enclosed. Sticking it close to operation buttons simplifies basic operation by eliminating the need to check operation manuals.

Presentation Support from Setup Flexibility and Convenient Operation
Short Throw Lens

The Short Throw Lens makes large-screen presentation possible even in a small meeting room.
  • Correlation of PG-A20X and Screen

  • 4:3 Zoom Mode
    (Standard mode with computer input)
    Picture size L: Projection distance H: Distance between bottom of the picture and the lens centre
    Width (m) Height (m) Shortest Longest
    300 6.1 4.6 10.0m 11.9m 44.4cm
    250 5.1 3.8 8.3m 9.9m 37.0cm
    200 4.1 3.1 6.6m 7.9m 29.6cm
    150 3.1 2.3 5.0m 5.9m 22.2cm
    100 2.0 1.5 3.3m 3.9m 14.8cm
    84 1.7 1.3 2.7m 3.3m 12.4cm
    72 1.5 1.1 2.3m 2.8m 10.7cm
    60 1.2 0.9 1.9m 2.3m 8.9cm
    40 0.8 0.6 1.3m 1.5m 5.9cm
    * Negative figures mean the lens centre position is under the bottom of the picture.

    33 dB Low Fan Noise (in Eco Mode) and Front Ventilation
    The projector employs an Eco Mode and a newly developed separate cooling system for reducing fan noise. Plus, Front Ventilation produces a comfortable presentation environment without the disturbance of air being blow back toward the presenter.

    Wide Angle Adjustment

    The angle of the front adjuster is a full 12° (5° for conventional models) and a 3° rear adjuster is added. This enables wide, free, and flexible angle adjustment for projection placement. The projector can also be mounted on ceilings with projection flipped left/right or up/down.
    Automatic Keystone Correction

    The PG-A20X detects inclination of the upper and lower sides of the projector and automatically corrects trapezoidal distortion of the image projected on the screen, making it much easier and quicker to set up the projector and start your presentation.

    Simple Key Lock and Anti-Theft Function

    The key lock and cancel are easily controlled with a key button on the projector body and the remote control. These functions are useful for example to prevent children from meddling, or any other time to avoid tampering.

    Excellent PC Compatibility
    Excellent Compatibility with a Wide Range of Computer Input Signals

    The PG-A20X is truly compatible with XGA (1,024 x 768) . In addition, SXGA+ (1,400 x 1,050) and SXGA (1,280 x 1024) are also compatible in intelligent compression*1 for natural, smooth and clear PC display projection.
    • Horizontal Frequency: 15-70 kHz
    • Vertical Frequency: 43-85 Hz
    • Pixel Clock: 12-108 MHz
    *1 True SXGA, SXGA+ and UXGA pictures cannot be displayed.

    sRGB Compatibility

    sRGB Compatibility, the international standard for colour reproductivity, faithfully reproduces on PC displays the colour tones, phases, and gradations of the original pictures.

    Auto Response Adjust (ARA)

    One touch automatically synchronises subtly different projection signals from connected PCs.

    Superior Video Image Quality
    Big-Screen Projection of DVD*2 Software

    With the merging of advanced technology from theatre projectors and high-grade television, the PG-A20X provides high-quality pictures for DVDs, Hi-vision broadcasts and education videos in large-screen projection. The projector is also compatible with worldwide broadcast signals such as NTSC, PAL and SECAM.

    *2 A separate DVD player is needed for viewing DVDs.

    Other Outstanding Features
    Sharp Original Pull-Down Menu GUI (Graphical User Interface)

    The easy-to-use icon-based GUI shows how to adjust the picture, language or other settings on the screen, and single adjustment items can be displayed without disturbing the screen with menu bars.

  • Built-In 1 W Speaker
  • Enlarge & Freeze
  • Picture Setting Memory

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