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Environmental Activities
Environmental Activities
Certification of Green Devices and Super Green Devices
Super Green Device Examples
  5-M pixel CCD Camera Module
  DBS Front-end Unit
  IR Detecting Unit for Remote Control
  CCD Camera Module Power-supply ICs
Green Device Examples
  LSIs, Camera Modules
  LCD Modules
  Optoelectronics, Power Devices
  RF Components, Unit Parts
Social & Environmental Activities
Green Device Examples: LCD Module
10-inch/12-inch Industrial-use LCD Modules: LQ104V1DG61/LG61, LQ121S1DG61/LG61
3.8-inch LCD Module: LQ038Q3DC01
10-inch/12-inch Industrial-use LCD Modules
LQ104V1DG61/LG61, LQ121S1DG61/LG61
10-inch/12-inch Industrial-use LCD Modules
Resource-saving design with replaceable backlight lamp.
Resource-saving Longer service life
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3.8-inch LCD Module
3.8-inch LCD Module
Uses an LED backlight and no mercury.
Resource-saving Green materials
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