CMOS Image Sensors for Digital Cameras/Digital Camcorders
Color filter Model No. Video
Resolution Pixel size
H x V (μm)
(mV/Lux-sec) TYP.
Image pixels (H x V)
1 type 13 110 k R, G, B
primary color
mosaic filters
RJ5DY1BA0LT 4K2K 60 fps 4 144 3 096 3.1 3.1 1 420 N-LCC120-R898
B/W RJ5DY2BA0LT 2 390
2/3 type 2 320 k R, G, B
primary color
mosaic filters
RJ52N1BA0LT 1 080p 120 fps 1 984 1 116 5.0 5.0 3 240 N-LCC120-R898A
B/W RJ52N2BA0LT 6 080
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*RoHS Directive: Prohibits use of lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury and specific brominated flame retardants(PBBs and PBDEs), with certain exceptions.
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