DSPs for CCDs
Model No.
For 270-k/320-k/410-k/470-k/
520-k/610-kpixel CCDs
High-speed S/H circuit, high-gain PGA circuit, 12-bit ADC
75-ohm video amplifier, mechanical iris control function,
10-bit DAC, synchronous signal generation circuit,
CCD drive timing generator, AE control function,
AWB control function, LED light control function,
DWDR (gamma transition function),
lens shading correction function,
auto white blemish compensation function,
mirror image function,
OSD function (5 languages: En., Ch., Fr., Por., Sp.),
privacy mask function, highlight compensation,
motion detection function, 2D noise reduction,
high resolution function, AF detection value output,
NTSC/PAL analog output, Y/C analog output,
UYVY digital output (ITU-R BT656 compatible)
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*RoHS Directive: Prohibits use of lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury and specific brominated flame retardants(PBBs and PBDEs), with certain exceptions.
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