Digital Terrestrial Front-End Unit with EWBS

EWBS: Emergency Warning Broadcasting System

(1) Reduced power consumption with use of One-seg broadcasting system
(2) Compact size for simple assembly
♦Standard Specifications
Product name
Digital terrestrial front-end unit with EWBS
Japan/Global (common)
Model No.
Reception bandwidth (MHz)
Reception frequency range (MHz)
Full-seg tuner: (54 to 864),
EWBS: UHF (470 to 862)
Standby power consumption (mW)
Full-seg tuner: 690 (TYP.),
EWBS: 63 (TYP.)
Communication system
Power supply (V)
Full-seg tuner: 3.3,
EWBS: 3.3, 1.2
Outline dimensions (mm)
34 × 40.5 × 7.8
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