Non-contact Vital & Motion Sensor Module
(1) Measures heart and breathing rate without contact using the Doppler effect.
(2) The module can be embedded in products as sensing is possible through obstructions (except in cases where the obstructions are metal or metal plated).
(3) Enables stable measurement without being affected by factors such as temperature, direct sunlight, or reflector color.
♦Standard Specifications
Model No.
Output frequency (GHz)
24.05 to 24.5
Output interface
UART interface (baud rate: 115 200; data bit length: 8 bits)
Heart rate / Breathing rate / Body motion
Measurable distance (m)
MAX. 1 (heart rate and breathing rate)
Planar antenna with 8 patch Tx / Rx antenna elements
Antenna pattern (deg.)
30 (azimuth), 26 (elevation)
Power supply (V)
Dissipation current (mA)
100 (including signal processing)
Outline dimensions (W)×(D)×(H) (mm)
RF module: 31 × 47.5 × 14.5
Signal processer: 30.0 × 46.5 × 5.0
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