PM2.5 Sensor Module
(1) Easy assembly for use in air purifiers and other products
      thanks to small size of 53 × 40 × 51 mm
(2) Industry’s shortest*1 detection time of 10 seconds
(3) Digital output model is also part of line-up
*1 As of May 1, 2015 (measured by Sharp)
Analog output type: DN7C3CA007
Digital output type: DN7C3CD015
♦Standard Specifications
Model No.
[Japan / Overseas]
Measuring range (µg/m3)
25 to 500
25 to 500
Output type
Analog voltage
Digital PWM
Power supply voltage (Vcc/fan)
DC5 V / DC5 V
DC5 V / DC5 V
Power consumption (mW) (TYP.)
At sensor: 55,
At fan: 450
At sensor: 75,
At fan: 450
Output voltage range (V)
0 to 5 (MAX.)
Vhigh: Vcc-1.5 (MIN.),
Vlow: 1.3 (MAX.)
Operating temperature range (°C)
–10 to +60
–10 to +60
Outline dimensions (mm)
53.0 × 40.0 × 51.0 (excluding protruding parts)
53.0 × 40.0 × 51.0 (excluding protruding parts)
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