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LCD Display Module with Built-in One-chip Graphic Controller
An LCD display module with 3.5-inch QVGA color TFT LCD panel, graphic controller (LR35503), and peripheral components facilitates development of LCD user interfaces.


● All the functions needed for an LCD user
    interface in one package

 ⇒ One-chip graphic controller LR35503 mounted

● Built-in function for onboard software writing

 ⇒ Software version can be upgraded after device
    is mounted

● Built-in video input function

 ⇒ Graphics (characters) can be easily superimposed
    over video images

● Built-in analog input interface

 ⇒ Possible to connect audio input and joysticks input

● Built-in real-time clock
 (Battery backup supported)

 ⇒ Clock function can be added by programming

● Sound function

 ⇒ Has a function to generate audio, such as
   alarm sounds and voice guidance

● General purpose IO

■Application Examples

■Home electronics ■Kitchen appliances ■Multi-remotes ■Clocks
■Leisure goods ■Bath and toilet remote controllers ■Touch-panel controllers ■Videoscopes
■Health-related appliances ■Video intercom systems ■Car accessories  

■Main Specifications

■Primary Connectors ■Subconnectors, RTC Backup Power Source
Terminal number Function (tentative specifications)
1 +5 V
46 P I/O
710 P I/O UART
1114 P I/O UART
1720 ANALOG Input (10-bit AD)
23 Video in
24 GND
1 3 V

* Please contact our sales department for further details.

■Product Lineup

Model No. Touch panel Video decoder
LR0G932 × ×
LR0G934 ×
LR0G936 ×

■Basic Specifications

Category Details
Display portion 3.5-inch TFT color LCD
• Display image: QVGA 320 dots x 240 dots (LED backlight attached)
• Display colors: 260 k colors
Display function Built-in hardware graphic engine (QVGA graphic display is possible without external RAM [VRAM])
• Video input image + background image (BG) + sprite + JPEG image overlap display feature
• Buit-in hardware JPEG_CODEC
• Video through mode display (30 fps)
• Special effects (noise, fade, sepia, binary, etc.) and display of written characters or animation using BG (256 objects, 8 x 8 dots) or sprites (64 objects, 8 x 8 / 16 x 16 dots), display and animation
Connector portion 11 ports for general purpose (PWM, UART, input/output terminals)
• The built-in Bluetooth® HCI interface makes it possible to transfer movies and other media to mobile phones and other devices by connecting to a Bluetooth® module
• Serial transmission via UART
• Motor control using PWM output (16 bit)
• Input/output terminal for switching control, lamp control, etc.
• 2 ch sound output (PSG, ADPCM, noise) for audio guidance and warning sounds
• AD converter input (sensory input for temperature, voltage and other factors, and audio input for voice memo, using 10-bit-precision and 4 channels)
• Composite input via 1 ch video input
Note: Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

■System Configuration Example

System configuration example
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