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1.3-Second Quick Scanning and Duplex Scan
With a scanning time of 1.3 seconds per page, Quick Scan keeps your documents from being delayed in the fax machine, saving you precious time. And, for further convenience, Duplex Scan rapidly scans two-sided documents and transmits the pages in the correct order – you don't need to wait by the machine to separate the pages.
16 ppm High-Speed Printing
A printing speed of 16 pages per minute helps the FO-5900 finish your printing jobs faster. So, whether you're printing out faxes or using the FO-5900 as a back-up copier, your print jobs will be easier.
Super G3 Modem for High-Speed Transmission
The FO-5900's 33.6 Kbps Super G3 Modem uses JBIG compression to transmit faxes at a speedy two seconds per page* – because time is important in today's fast-paced business world.
Expandable Memory
To protect your documents in the event of a power failure, the FO-5900 comes with
2 MB of standard Flash memory – giving storage of up to 125 pages*. You can even expand the memory to 10 MB, for efficient handling of large volume jobs (up to a maximum of 625 pages*).
Large Paper Capacity
For heavy-duty fax reception, the standard 250-sheet paper capacity can be boosted to an impressive 750 sheets with the addition of the optional 500-sheet cassette. Installing this cassette also enables the 250-sheet main unit to provide a handy fax separator feature, which inserts a coloured paper sheet between received faxes for easy separation.
Heavy-Duty Document Feeder
The 50-sheet Automatic Document Feeder offers the convenience of voluminous document handling. In tandem with Duplex Scan, it lets you scan up to 100 pages* at a time – so you're spared the inconvenience of manually inserting the original documents.
Personal Auto-Dial Phone Books
In addition to 59 rapid dial (one-touch) keys and 75 speed dial (abbreviated) codes, the FO-5900 offers 10 personal auto-dial phone books that enable users to store up to 75 numbers per book – a total of 750 additional numbers. Busy offices that have several departments using the same FO-5900 can assign a personal auto-dial phone book to each of them. For your security, phone books are accessible by a Personal Identification Number.
Easy-to-Read Tilted Status Display
The tilted status display gives you a wealth of information at a glance. Find out quickly about the fax transmission status, the paper supply, and the condition of the toner and drum cartridges.
Other Features
  • Help Function
  • Easy-to-Operate Navigation Key
  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • Dual Access
  • Verification Stamp (Optional)
  • Group Dialling – Up to 59 Groups/133 Locations
  • 64-Level Halftone
  • Chain Dialling
  • Anti-Junk Fax (50 Locations)
  • Polling (154 Locations)
  • Serial Broadcasting to 154 Locations
  • Confidential Transmission/Reception (10 Boxes)
  • Department Codes (30 Departments)
  • Batch Transmission (59 Locations)
  • Program Keys (up to 59)
  • Timer Communication (up to 59 Jobs)

[ Specifications ]
Applicable Telephone Line Public switched telephone network (PSTN)
Configuration Half-duplex desktop facsimile tranceiver
Data Compression MH/MR/MMR/JBIG/H2 (Sharp special)
Memory Size 2 MB Flash memory (approx. 125 pages) expandable to 10 MB (approx. 625 pages)*
Modem Speed 33,600 to 2,400bps automatic fallback*
Transmission Time Approx. 2 seconds per page*
Scan Speed 1.3 seconds per page
Print Speed 16 pages per minute
Horizontal: 8 pels/mm (203 pels/inch)
Vertical: 15.4 lines/mm (392 lines/inch)
7.7 lines/mm (196 lines/inch)
3.85 lines/mm (98 lines/inch)
Recording System Laser
Reception Modes Auto/Manual
Max. Document Width 280mm (11.0")
Max. Scanning Width 210mm (8.3")
Max. Recording Width 203mm (8.0")
Paper Capacity 250 sheets expandable to 750 sheets
Paper Stack Capacity 200 sheets
Input Document Size
 Automatic Feeding
Width: 148 to 256mm (5.8" to 10.1")
Length: 128 to 279mm (5.0" to 10.9")
 Manual Feeding
Width: 148 to 279mm (5.8" to 11.0")
Length: 128 to 483mm (5.0" to 19.0")
Automatic Document Feeder 50 sheets maximum
Halftone (Grayscale) 64 levels
Copy Function Single/Multi-copy/Sort-copy (up to 99 copies/page)
Power Requirements Rated local AC voltage and frequency
Power Consumption 220-230V: max. 820W, standby 10W
110V: max. 1,000W, standby 9W
Dimensions (W x D x H) 546 x 412 x 346mm
(21.5" x 16.2" x 13.6")
Weight (Approx.) 12.6kg (27.8lbs.)
Accessories & Options 500-sheet paper drawer: FO-59A4
8 MB Flash memory: FO-8MK
Verification stamp: FO-45VS
Toner cartridge: FO-59DC
Drum cartridge: FO-47DR
Availability and some specifications may vary according to region.
Design and specifications are current as of June 2004, but are subject to change without prior notice. Facsimiles may not be used in countries other than those where they were purchased.
Specifications of expendable supplies may vary according to region.
Adobe, the Adobe logo, and Reader are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.
* Based on Sharp's standard No.1 chart at standard resolution, excluding time for protocol signals (i.e., ITU-T phase C time only). Transmission speed may vary depending on the communication environment.

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