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FO-A660 and UX-P410/FO-P610
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Digital Answering Machine with Flash Memory (FO-A660 only)
A digital answering machine gives you superior clarity, instant message access and none of the problems of cassette tapes. Flash memory stores up to 20 minutes*1 of messages without the need for battery backup, even if a power failure occurs.
Fast 6-Second Transmission*2 (FO-A660 only)
A super fast transmission time of 6 seconds per page at 14.4 Kbps (FO-A660 only*3) contributes to productive operation as well as reduced phone line charges.
4-Point Operation Key
Centrally placed on the access board, the 4-Point Operation Key simplifies the most commonly used operations. Featuring a large, circular design, the 4-Point Operation Key gives quick access to speed dialling, user settings and operational volume.
Plain Paper
The FO-A660 and UX-P410/FO-P610 print out faxes on plain paper, which, unlike thermal paper, is easy to write on and won't curl or fade. In addition, you'll need only one type of paper to cover all your faxing and copying needs.
Error Correction Mode (FO-A660 only)
ECM checks for errors caused by poor phone line conditions before printing the document. If errors are found, the FO-A660 will signal the transmitting ECM machine to resend the information.
Convenient Copier
The FO-A660 and UX-P410/FO-P610 also serve as convenient copiers. Simply place originals in the document feeder, and with one pass through the machine, the FO-A660 and UX-P410/FO-P610 will make up to 99 copies.
Automatic Document Feeder
The FO-A660 and UX-P410/FO-P610's handy 10-sheet automatic document feeder lets you send or copy up to 10 pages*4 automatically. This saves time in a busy home or office.
448KB Memory
The FO-A660 and UX-P410/FO-P610 have a generous 448KB memory, which can hold up to 24 pages*1, 2 of documents. This large capacity further enhances the machine's convenient functions such as memory transmission, broadcasting and substitute reception.
Automatic Dialler
The Automatic Dialler function lets you store up to 40 numbers for speed dialling
(FO-A660 only*5). In addition, the electronic telephone directory lets users easily search for names alphabetically on the LCD.
Other Features
  • Compact Body
  • 64 Levels of Halftone
  • Anti-Junk Fax Function
  • Help Function
  • 50-Sheet Paper Tray*4
  • Header Printout
  • Transaction Report
  • Automatic Fax/Phone Changeover

[ Specifications ]
Applicable Line Public switched telephone network (PSTN)
Type Desktop facsimile transceiver
Data Compression MH/MR/MMR (FO-A660)
MH/MR/H2 (UX-P410/FO-P610)
Transmission Time Approx. 6 seconds*2 (FO-A660)
Approx. 15 seconds*2 (UX-P410/FO-P610)
Modem Speed 14,400 to 2,400bps with automatic fallback
9,600 to 2,400bps with automatic fallback
Horizontal: 8 pels/mm (203 pels/inch)
Vertical: 15.4 lines/mm (391 lines/inch)
7.7 lines/mm (196 lines/inch)
3.85 lines/mm (98 lines/inch)
Max. Document Width 216mm (8.50")
Max. Scanning Width 210mm (8.27")
Max. Recording Width 210mm (8.27")
Paper Size A4
Automatic Document Feeder 10 sheets*4
Power Requirements Rated local AC voltage and frequency
Power Consumption Max. 110W
Dimensions (W x D x H)
With paper tray: 337 x 279 x 343mm (13.27" x 10.98" x 13.50")
Without paper tray: 337 x 218 x 189mm (13.27" x 8.58" x 7.44")
Weight (Approx.) 3.0kg (6.6lbs.) (with paper tray)
Supplies 60m roll imaging film (one roll package): FO-9CR
Availability and some specifications may vary according to region.
Design and specifications are current as of June 2004, but are subject to change without prior notice. Facsimiles may not be used in countries other than those where they were purchased.
Specifications of expendable supplies may vary according to region.
Adobe, the Adobe logo, and Reader are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.
*1 448KB memory can hold approx. 24 average pages with no voice messages recorded and ECM turned off, or 20 minutes of voice messages (including OGMs) with no documents in memory.
*2 Based on Sharp's standard No. 1 chart at standard resolution (ECM mode on for
FO-A660), excluding time for protocol signals (i.e., ITU-T phase C time only). Transmission speed may vary depending on the communication environment.
*3 UX-P410/FO-P610 feature 15-sec/page transmission at 9.6 Kbps, based on Sharp's standard No. 1 chart at standard resolution, excluding time for protocol signals (i.e., ITU-T phase C time only). Transmission speed may vary depending on the communication environment.
*4 60 to 80 g/m2 A4 copier paper at room temperature.
*5 UX-P410/F0-P610 store up to 30 numbers.

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