The DX-SX1's durable and precise mechanisms have been achieved through careful selection of parts and materials.
SHARP, through its DVD-ROM development, has created a super-slim 1-lens 2-beam pickup. Adapting the technology for SACDs resulted in a slim and reliable SACD/CD mechanism. The 2 beams read at different wavelengths, 650 nm for SACD and 780 nm for CD. The SACD/CD mechanism is also highly responsive: SACDs are quickly played within 7 seconds (approx.) after pressing the Play key.
The mechanism is constructed of parts using different vibration-resistance materials; a durable die-cast zinc base chassis, a die-cast aluminum tray and a vibration-resistance steel top plate. This combination of materials eliminates sympathetic vibration.
Playback of SACDs required new achievements in engineering. With speeds between 200 and 1,500 rpm, three times faster than CDs, SACDs demand a high level of stability. To ensure a smooth rotation at any speed, the DX-SX1 employs a fluid-bearing spindle motor and a proprietary drive circuit. A resin spin-coated turntable is employed to eliminate any wobbling that would arise from high-speed rotation.
Due to the higher information density of SACDs, the track pitch is approximately half that of CDs, requiring a more precise sledding mechanism for the pickup. The DX-SX1's stepping motor drives with a micro stepping method to realise both infinitesimal movement of the pickup and high-speed access.
The DX-SX1 is not only unique in appearance with its slim and compact shape but its interior is packed with superior technologies for optimal performance.

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