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(M-050GS is sales only in Japan-domestic.)

By spraying onto the blood adhered to an instrument, this product can prevent the blood from coagulating to enhance the efficiency of cleaning.

By spraying onto the blood adhered to the used instrument, this product can prevent the blood from coagulating.

By spraying this product onto an instrument or equipment and putting it into an airtight container such as a recovery container, anti-coagulation effect will last about 3 days*.
Detergency of the product will not be diminished when mixed with the jet washer detergent M-570L/700L.
* The effect may vary according to the use conditions.
This product gives consideration to the materials such as surgical instruments.

This product can be used to the wide variety of materials to be washed as it is a neutral type product.

How to use

- Spray the product evenly to the instrument to which blood or bodily fluid is adhered.
Spray intensively to the heavily contaminated area.
- It is more effective to spray the product before the blood is coagulated.


Ingredient Anti blood coagulation agent, lubricant, anti-rust agent
Properties Neutral, pH7.0 to 8.0 (undiluted solution)
Appearance Yellow transparent liquid
Container 500mL/polyester container
Packaged in 6 (six) 500mL polyester containers and 2 (two) spray guns/ 1 (one) pack
External dimensions (mm) Container 75 (diameter) x 175 (height)
Pack 315 (width) x 165 (depth) x 200 (height)

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