A multi-power conditioner that increases installability is commercialized in an industry first.

The New Energy Foundation Chairman’s Award of Japan winning Sharp NE-K136A polycrystalline (high output) Photovoltaic module, and JH40EK Multi-power conditioner

Sharp was the first in the industry to commercialize a multi-power conditioner that could accommodate various different layouts of photovoltaic modules. Sharp was appraised for promoting the popularization of residential solar power systems by achieving highly-efficient photovoltaic modules and panel arrangements with a high degree of freedom, in combination with a multi-power conditioner that is capable of being installed with the largest number of photovoltaic modules in a limited area.

Sharp’s residential solar power system was awarded the New Energy Foundation Chairman’s Award in the New Energy Equipment division of the 2000 New Energy Awards, and continued to receive the award for five consecutive years.