Release of a 3 kW system photovoltaic module capable of being installed in the smallest area

High-efficiency single-crystal photovoltaic module NT-167AK

In April 2003, a 3 kW system *1 photovoltaic module was released that was capable of being installed using an industry-smallest area (as of April 21, 2003, for terrestrial, mass-produced level photovoltaic modules).

Sharp's conventional models required a space of 23.1 m2, compared with an installation space of only 17.3 m2.for the new model. This photovoltaic module is also the world’s most efficient, with a module conversion efficiency of 17.4% (Internal study, research findings from homepages of 31 companies including the world top 11 companies by market share in 2002 (total share 91.8%), as recorded in PV News (November 2003 study).