Realization of the world’s most advanced environmentally-conscious production protocols at Kameyama Plant

The largest "integrated large-scale distributed diverse power source" in Japan was installed, with one third of the power used in the plant generated on site. In comparison to previous systems a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions has been realized. The Kameyama Plant is home to the world’s largest level Solar Power Generation system (5,210 kW, enough to power 1,300 households), which has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 3,400 tons per year. This is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide that a forest 30 times the size of the plant (or 960ha) can absorb in a year.

At night and on cloudy days when power cannot be generated by the solar cells, a stable power supply is provided by Japan’s largest level fuel cell system (1,000 kW) and Cogeneration system (approx 26,400 kW), and heat waste generated is used for air conditioning and water heating systems.

The Kameyama Plant also boasts the industry’s largest level manufacturing water discharge recycling system; water discharged during the manufacturing process (28,300 tons per day) is 100% purified. Further, in order to stably operate a huge plant 24 hours a day, the world’s largest super-conducting power storage facility (10,000 kW) has been installed, and protects against effects from sudden drops in voltage by natural occurrences, such as lightning, before they occur. The Kameyama plant is a Super Green Factory.