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How Sharp Excels in Mega-Solar Solutions 2nd Point High-Quality Conservation and Maintenance Services

The Sharp Advantage

High-quality maintenance only Sharp can provide, using special water to clean modules

Mega-solar power plants have been built in many different countries and regions. Each area has its own unique environmental conditions that result in different types and amounts of dust and dirt accumulating on the solar panels. To achieve stable output requires maintenance and cleaning that match both the system design and the environment where the plant operates.

At the mega-solar power plant in Thailand, dust is not the only problem. Ash from the burning of grasses on wide swathes of farmland also accumulates and adheres to the surface of the solar modules.

To clean the module surface, Sharp uses specially purified water to remove the kind of dirt that modules are subject to in Thailand. This purified water does no harm to the environment.

In addition to specially prepared water, Sharp also has important knowledge about the proper timing—and effective methods—for cleaning modules. With know-how garnered from over 50 years of experience, we know what types of maintenance are required for facilities to prevent trouble or deterioration and ensure stable energy output.

  • Solar power generation system installed more than 25 years ago (not in use now)

Sharp understands how every aspect of a module's condition changes over a 25-year period—right down to how each bolt deteriorates. It's such data built up through a wealth of experience that enables us to carry out high-quality maintenance. Such unparalleled know-how is what defines Sharp's mega-solar solutions.

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