Solar cells the size of a soccer field have the "forest effect" of 24 Osaka Domes

At the Gose water purification plant in Gose City, Nara, one of the largest solar power generation plants in western Japan has been installed to reduce emissions of CO2 -- the cause of global warming. The installed solar panels have an area of about 6,272 m2, almost the same size as a soccer field, and supply approximately 810,000 kWh annually. This is equivalent to the power used by 218 typical homes in one year.

As a result, the system reduces CO2 emissions by 208 tons per year, and converted to forest absorption, this corresponds to a forest area of 83 hectares. So the panels have an effect the same as a forest the size of 24 Osaka domes. Converted to petroleum energy, the system saves 195 kL, or 975 metallic drums of oil per year.