Technology enabling re-use of photovoltaic modules

The left shows the state before processing and the right the state shows after processing.

In the year 2002 Sharp developed technology enabling the re-use of solar cells that had been used for a long period of time (realized as a part of the "R&D for solar power generation system recycling/re-use processing technology" promoted by NEDO*1. This is a technology that enables the backing film of a module to be formed anew by the use of a newly developed plastic, and the module’s solar cells, covering glass, and the like to be used as is.

It has been foreseen that a photovoltaic module disposal problem would arise along with a rapid growth in their use. From here, we intend to advance our R&D efforts while developing carrying out field tests of elemental technology facilitating the practicability of re-using photovoltaic modules.