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A Vast Array of Sharp Solar Solutions

For more than 50 years, Sharp’s efforts in research and development have led to groundbreaking solar solutions. As a maker of products that consume power, we’ve always believed we should create power, too. It’s all part of our Eco-Positive mission to brighten the lives of people around the world.


  • Europe

    • Solar panels cover the walls of a skyscraper in Manchester
    • The roof of this huge distribution warehouse is covered with solar panels
    • A solar power plant financed by citizens -- just what you would expect from an environmentally advanced country
    • Generating solar power along with excitement at a soccer stadium
    • Environment measures with solar power generation taking advantage of a wide public space
    • 2009
      Tenerife Island Industrial Mega Solar Power Plant
    • Höheinöd (district Südwestpfalz), Rhineland-Palatinate / Germany
    • Leibertingen (district of Sigmaringen), Baden-Württemberg / Germany
    • Parque Purullena in Granada / Spain
    • Triptis (Thüringen) / Germany
    • Bad Wimpfen / Germany
    • Valencia / Spain
    • Albacete / Spain
    • Sandanski / Bulgaria
  • Asia/Oceania

    • The state-of-the-art Super Green Factory which created the term "Kameyama model"
    • 2008
      Installation of "Lumiwall", thin-film solar cells with built in LEDs, in the Yodoyabashi Redevelopment Building
    • Even fashion buildings are concerned about the global environment
    • Harmony between scenery, and buildings equipped with solar power generation systems
    • Sharp's Taki Plant effectively utilizes its south facing wall
    • Reducing the air-conditioning load of an office building with solar power generation
    • Also functioning as a blind to hide outdoor equipment for air-conditioning
    • Becoming a local landmark, while effectively utilizing roof space
    • A production base for solar cells, producing its own energy from sunlight
    • Large-scale adoption of solar cells in an entire new suburban town
    • A new proposal for environmentally friendly condominiums
    • Rental apartments with solar power generation, to achieve harmony with the environment
    • Solar cells the size of a soccer field have the "forest effect" of 24 Osaka Domes
    • Functioning as a core facility of the local area in case of disaster
    • One of the largest systems for an educational institution in Japan, installed at the Nippon Institute of Technology
    • 1998
      A 200 kW system, one of the largest in Japan, with the world's first snow melting function
    • A human- and environment-friendly water purification plant
    • Installation in wall surfaces, using modules as a building material
    • Aiming to become a sustainable society, with environmentally aware government offices
    • 3,500 m above sea level, average temperature 5 degrees Celsius below zero
    • Sharing stable power for non-electrized villages
    • Lights powered by solar energy light the way for ships
    • 2003
      Independent power generation system, operating stably even in a desert region of Mongolia
    • Solar cells and wind power support a disaster prevention system in a mountainous area
    • In any place, and all types of environments
  • Americas

    • Using solar power generation to create the flavor of wine from vines over 100 years old
    • 2004
      The largest level corporate solar cells installation in the U.S., at an airport distribution hub
  • Other

    • The Orihime/Hikoboshi satellites stay in flight with light from the sun
    • A conversion rate of 37%, high-efficiency solar cells for use in outer-space

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