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Dec.18, 2017
Oct.04, 2017
Sustainability Report 2017 published
Sep.8, 2016
Interviewing the Developers -Going Green Everywhere- Digital Full-Color MFPs(MX-6070N/5070N)
Aug.28, 2015
Water Creature Observation Tour in the Sana River Running Near the Mie Plant (Japan)
Aug.28, 2015
SSEC Holds Event to Collect Electronic Waste and Promote Energy-Saving Efforts (China)
Aug.28, 2015
SEID Wins Indonesia Green Awards (Indonesia)
Jun.24, 2015
Local Elementary School Children Experience Bamboo Shoot Dig (Japan)
May.14, 2015
Sharp Participates in Earth Hour 2015 around the World
May.14, 2015
Making the Workplace Green and Clean (Indonesia)
Apr.6, 2015
Mie Plant Holds Beautification Activity of Sana River (Japan)
Apr.6, 2015
Mie Plant Donates Proceeds from a Flea Market Held in the Plant (Japan)
Feb. 27, 2015
SMEF Joins a Clean-up Event in the Desert (UAE)
Feb. 27, 2015
SMTL Distributes Golden Shower Trees in Commemoration of Father's Day (Thailand)
Feb. 09, 2015
SEID invites orphans to watch the premier of the movie,"Stand by Me Doraemon" (Indonesia)
Feb. 05, 2015
SPC Joins a Bay Area Cleanup Event (Philippines)
Dec. 24, 2014
SEID Expands Eco Education for Elementary Schools (Indonesia)
Dec. 24, 2014
SEID Introduces a New Air Conditioner With Eco-friendly Technology at Press Conference in Nature (Indonesia)
Dec. 24, 2014
SOEM Joins a Local Event Held for the Environmental Week (Malaysia)
Dec. 12, 2014
WSEC Carries Out Eco Education for 130 children at an Elementary School (China)
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