The Sharp Code of ConductⅥ. Respect for Human Rights

  • 1) We respect the fundamental human rights and the dignity of individuals in all business activities, and will not be complicit in human rights violations. In case business activities, products and services are found to adversely affect human rights, we will take all appropriate measures.
  • 2) We will not sanction child labor or any form of forced labor, and we will support its effective abolition.
  • 3) In any corporate activities, including employment practices such as hiring, payment, promotion, opportunities for training and the like, we do not take any action that constitutes discrimination based on nationality, race, ethnic group, color, sex, physical health, pregnancy, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion, creed, social status, birth, property, bodily feature, physical or mental disability, political opinion, and the like.
  • 4) We do not engage in acts and speech that constitute inhumane acts, such as abusive behavior, expressions of contempt, verbal abuse, sexual harassment, power harassment and the like, in our offices and other work places.
  • 5) Based on global standards and applicable laws and regulations, we will respect and consider the rights of employees, such as freedom to associate, freedom to join a trade union, freedom to take industrial action, freedom to join a worker's council and the like without revenge, threats, and/or harassments to employees.

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